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The travel and tourist discovery agency called EYTE SARL was created in 2013 with the authorization to operate Ref N °: 1435 / PR / PM / MCI / SG / ANIE / DG / CGU / 2013 and is published in the newspaper » N’DJAMENA BI-HEBDO »NDJH N ° 1508 FROM 01 TO 07 JULY 2013 on page P.7.
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Ennedi Chad

“The Last Paradise”


Just try to imagine a wild landscape dotted with sand dunes, sandstone formations of the most bizarre forms, rock arches and hidden caves and you will have begun to understand. Now imagine a place so incredible without tourism.

We are in the last Saharan paradise, still to explore.

Ennedi chad



Day 1 -2-3  N’Djamena -Moussouro-Kalait

Day 4-5-6  Kalait – Ennedi-Archei

Day 7-8 Fada – Mourdi – near Demi saline

Day 9  Demi- Teguedei – Ounianga Lakes

Day 10-11 Ounianga Lakes – Kalait

Day 12-13  Kalait – Arada – Abeche – Mongo

Day 14  Mongo- N’Djamena

We arrive in N’Djamena! transfer to the hotel, room « daily use » opportunity for a shower and dinner before transfer to the airport.


The Travel  in Ennedi Chad is in the predominantly desert areas and in difficult environmental conditions, therefore, the participants are asked to have a good spirit of adaptation, but even the finding of fresh basic foodstuffs can be difficult but not impossible, their lack will be integrated with food in the can necessary to ensure proper nutrition
The trip consists of daily stages in the car of 6-8 hours, with periodic stops during the day, to make the most of our time during the day we recommend to provide breakfast at 6.30 in the morning.

The route for Ennedi region,Chad, is mostly on dirt tracks, sandy and / or stones , so travel times and daily stages, such as the bivouac, may vary depending on the conditions of the slopes, the timing to make the necessary supplies of fuel and food along the route at the unquestionable judgment of the agency.

The meals are taken for breakfast and dinner at the tables for the bivouac, the midday meal on traditional natta.


The Ennedi region is located 1250 kilometers northeast of Ndjamena.

Presents formations of primary continental sandstones that rest on bases of the Precambrian.

These rock formations are relatively compact, and determine a very distinctive and varied landscape.

Plains, plateaus, rocks sculpted by the wind and sand, rich in paintings and rock art engravings. The good quality and conservation of these is favored by very particular geological conditions (the caves).

Archaeological remains on these plateaus abound, witnesses of the past socio-cultural activities of the Sahara. There are also spectacular gueltas, permanent water points in the middle of the desert.

In the Guelta of Archei still live, unique in the Sahara, crocodiles (crocodilus Niloticus).

The region and its Gueltas are undoubtedly the most salient point of this natural and cultural landscape of the Ennedi and perhaps also of the Sahara